Recovree Software

Studies have found that peer support significantly improves recovery outcomes including decreased morbidity and mortality, reduced use of emergency services, improved self-reported health status, and self-care skills, and improved quality of life. Because of this, peer support is now the fastest growing service for people in recovery (read more about peer specialists).

Our comprehensive platform is comprised of two products, a client app and a peer specialist portal. These products are designed to help peer specialist improve efficiency, manage time, have a deeper understanding of their clients' needs and utilize best practices. 

Our software supports specialists with workflow management and provides tools to create more meaningful conversations, intervention opportunities, efficiencies, and data to ultimately improve outcomes. We want to help more people find recovery and thrive.

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treatment programS:

  • Greater revenue streams due to improved documentation to support reimbursement

  • Improved outcomes for people served and peer support specialists

  • Better manage interactions between peer support specialists and people served

peer recovery SPECIALISTs:

  • Track all reflections and recovery activities from people served

  • Log time, notes and activities

  • Export interactions for reimbursement

  • Improved engagement with people served through more meaningful conversations based on recorded activity


  • Gamified interface makes it easy and fun to record daily reflections and experiences

  • Personalized advice from peer support specialist based on recorded daily reflections and experiences

  • Improved relationship with peer specialist