The Recovree app uses cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy-informed structure to support recovery. App users complete daily reflections to track personal growth over time. The free app is available in the App Store for iPhone and on Google Play. Download the app here.


Daily Reflections

The series of questions in the daily reflection are designed to capture emotions, experiences, recovery activities and improve self-awareness. Reflections only take a few minutes to complete and can be used to identify challenges and potential triggers.

The Recovree app is perfect. I love being able to link recovery and my phone.
— App User
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Progress Overview

App users can easily access a weekly and monthly snapshot of their overall emotions, sleep, exercise and food consumption. These stored data points encourage continued progress and allow the user to identify trends and skill building needs.

My favorite parts are identifying the emotions and thinking of what I’m grateful for.
— App User

Improved Recovery Outcomes

The Recovree app can be used on it's own or reflections can be shared with a peer recovery coach in real-time. Sharing reflections can help improve the relationship between the recovery coach and those they serve and allow for more personalized coaching.

This app is becoming part of my nightly routine!
— App User