Recovree makes it easier for peer recovery coaches to manage workflow and engage with those they serve to improve outcomes during and following treatment. Our confidential software allows recovery coaches to access all client information in one easy-to-read location and create more meaningful conversations. With Recovree, peer recovery coaches can improve efficiency, manage time, have a deeper understanding of their clients' needs and utilize best practices. 


Recovree Database

Recovree allows recovery coaches to access all data in one easy-to-read location. Within the database, you can view contact information, activity overviews as well as weekly and monthly summaries for each person served. This features allows you to better manage, organize and catalog activity.

The concept of Recovree came full circle for me when a client asked to be connected to Recovree for additional accountability following treatment. A few weeks later, I was able to obtain a report on this client and saw that all the positive progress she had in the beginning was slowly deteriorating. I was able to reach out to this client and intervene before she relapsed.
— Nikki, Peer Recovery Coach
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View Reflections

As app users are logging their daily reflections, the information is shared with their peer recovery coach in real-time. These insights are used to engage in more meaningful conversations and identify specific needs, resources, and even potential intervention opportunities.

Recovree allowed my clients to be free, to say what they were afraid to say to me in person and to be more open. It also allowed me to see what they were not saying.
— Yolanda, Peer Recovery Coach

Manage Time for Reimbursement

The Time Log allows peer recovery coaches to easily manage, document and export all client encounters for reimbursement. With Recovree, coaches can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with those they serve.