[TBD] Recovree's Peer Specialist Services

PAR is a person-centered and strengths-based service that connects you with a Peer Recovery Support Specialists or Certified Peer Recovery Specialist (link to an external site that shares the differences). Working with Recovree’s unique software to support your overall health and wellness, PAR is designed to help you identify and sustain your personal recovery journey. PAR honors all recovery pathways. Want to learn more? Please complete the contact form below. 

After we receive your completed form, we'll contact you within 48 hours to schedule a phone call. This phone call is important to help us determine and connect you with the best Peer Recovery Support Specialist or Certified Peer Recovery Specialist to meet your individualized needs and where you want to go with your recovery journey. We also want to use this opportunity to answer questions that you might have about our process. The average time people are served by PAR is approximately 15 weeks.  

Please contact hello@recovree.com for any questions regarding this service. 

Please complete the form below