We believe in the power of peer recovery coaches, professionals who are clinically proven to help improve recovery outcomes. We offer recovery coaching services for employers and exclusive software for treatment programs that employ peer recovery coaches.

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for employers

Recovree provides services to support the health and wellness of employees including on-demand access to recovery coaches with lived-experience, comprehensive chemical health assessments and incident response planning such as actions to take following failed drug tests. Recovree is changing the way employees access support for substance use disorder.

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for treatment centers

Recovery coaches play an integral role in the recovery journey. Through our proprietary software, treatment programs can track engagement between all recovery coaches and those they serve, create supporting documents for reimbursement and use current data to improve engagement and client outcomes.


for individuals

Recovree offers person-centered and strength-based coaching services designed to support your personal recovery goals. Leveraging the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, our model is inclusive of all recovery pathways. Our coaching tracks are used as guidelines for services and frequency, and we will always work with the individual to find the best approach.