Our mission is to help people find and maintain recovery from substance use disorder through peer relationships. Recovree provides services to support the health and wellness of employees including on-demand access to recovery coaches with lived-experience, comprehensive chemical health assessments and incident response planning.

Employees struggling with drug and alcohol addiction can have a significant impact on a company’s productivity, safety and culture.  Our services help employers retain top talent, improve the health and wellness of their teams and provide better access to resources for people who need help now.

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21 million people in the US have substance use disorder and 70% of people with the disease are employed.

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90% of employees support their employer offering confidential consultations and resources for substance use disorder.

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An estimated $82 billion in workplace productivity is lost annually because of workers' heavy drinking.

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We provide employees with on-demand access to an anonymous service. Employees can access our services in lieu of treatment as well as before, during and/or following treatment. Turnaround for services is within 24 hours, increasing access to critical resources.

We employ Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists as our coaches. These professionals are scientifically proven to help improve recovery outcomes. They bring empathy, resources, guidance, and numerous other benefits to people who are seeking to find recovery. 

For employees who are in need of services, we provide them with an initial evaluation to determine the level of care required. The minimum amount of time that we provide Recovree Coaching Services is 12 weeks. During this time, the employee can continue working. Our services can be done in-person, by phone or video chat.

We have created proprietary software that is secure and HIPAA compliant. We utilize our software throughout the entire coaching process to stay connected to the individual that we are serving. While technology is central to our approach, we are dedicated to building strong and supportive one-on-one relationships. 


Recovree is different

We're available when you need us, not just 9 am - 5 pm. Our recovery coaches are industry professionals that have lived experiences with the disease of addiction and use proprietary HIPAA compliant software to stay engaged with your employees.


*Recovree Coaching Services

Available for subscribed customers

  • General coaching $60/hour (40% discount included in listed price)

  • Comprehensive Chemical Health Assessments $500/assessment

Subscription Fee

$1/Employee per month or $10/Employee per year:

  • On-demand access to Recovree Coaching Services*

  • 40% discount on general coaching

  • Customized content and promotional materials to share with employees

  • Monthly informational webinars for employees