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Recognizing Signs of Substance Misuse in the Workplace

A recent study found that 80% of HR decision-makers recognize that substance use disorder is impacting their employees. But, 25% feel unprepared to deal with the issue. How do you recognize the signs of substance misuse? What should you do if you suspect substance misuse in your workplace? And, how do you properly address these issues?

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Eating Disorders and Substance Use Disorders Comorbidity

Contributed by The Emily Program, a national leader in eating disorder treatment . In recognition of Eating Disorders Awareness Week (February 25th - March 3rd) we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the relationship between eating disorders and substance use disorders. Eating disorders commonly occur alongside substance use disorders. In fact, about half of all individuals who have an eating disorder also have a substance use disorder.

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My Brother and Co-founder

When I share that my brother Luke and I are co-founders and lead Recovree together, one of the first things people typically ask is something like, "How is it working with your brother?" It wasn't a quick decision to start a technology company with Luke. As we were testing the idea for Recovree's first product, we frequently discussed the company, our roles, responsibilities and ownership. As the product and company took shape, we recognized that each of us had certain strengths that complemented the other.

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