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My Brother and Co-founder

When I share that my brother Luke and I are co-founders and lead Recovree together, one of the first things people typically ask is something like, "How is it working with your brother?" It wasn't a quick decision to start a technology company with Luke. As we were testing the idea for Recovree's first product, we frequently discussed the company, our roles, responsibilities and ownership. As the product and company took shape, we recognized that each of us had certain strengths that complemented the other.

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Our End-of-Year Letter of Gratitude

As 2018 comes to end, we hope that this message finds you in good health, surrounded by love from family and friends, and filled with gratitude. We’ve worked incredibly hard to be where we are today and want to call out three groups of people that have gone above and beyond to help Recovree achieve its next milestone - Team, Connectors, and Customer.

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