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Mental Health Month - Be Well

“Be well”. We hear this short phrase all of the time but, what does “being well” really mean? It’s an active practice that involves the totality of our being; our physical bodies as well as our emotional and mental states. Think about it, our bodies are like parts of a machine and when each part is being properly maintained it works as a functioning unit. If we ignore one area we’re likely to have the “check engine” light pop on, which wreaks havoc throughout the body.

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Our Interview with Anne Spaeth, Founder of The Lynhall

We are so excited to share our interview with Anne Spaeth, the founder of The Lynhall. The Lynhall is a market-inspired restaurant, event space, kitchen television studio and incubator kitchen in Minneapolis. In addition to their culinary and community work, they have made a commitment to supporting the health and wellness of their employees, specifically mental and behavioral health.

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