5 Reasons Recovery is Good for Business

Employers have felt the impacts of substance misuse for decades through absenteeism, loss of productivity, safety issues and poor job performance. The good news is that substance use disorder is a treatable and manageable disease. Not only is recovery possible, it’s good for business! Employees in recovery improve productivity, decrease healthcare costs and reduce workplace injuries. Check out 5 reasons recovery is good for business below!

Overall Cost Saving

Helping workers get effective substance use treatment can, on average, avoid $3,200 in costs annually for each employee who recovers.


Employees in recovery take less unscheduled leave than their peers. On average, they miss 5 days fewer than employees with substance use disorder and 1 day less than the general workforce.

Turnover Rates

Employees in recovery stay with their employers at almost identical rates as their co-workers. And, compared to those with substance use disorder, employees in recovery can save their organization up to $4,000 in turnover and replacement savings.  

Healthcare Costs

Employees in recovery save an average of $536 a year in health care utilization costs compared to those with untreated substance use disorder.

Cultural Impact

People in recovery often have a high degree of self-awareness, resilience, compassion, dedication and understanding. These skills and behaviors are often highly sought after by employers due to the positive impacts the employee can have on a team, company and culture.

These are only a few reasons of the reasons that recovery is good for business. It’s encouraging that employers are becoming more proactive in recognizing the economical and cultural benefits of being better informed about substance use disorder. For more information and resources on how to support those seeking help, download our free Recovery Friendly Workplace Toolkit.