National Nutrition Month

Contributed by guest blogger Marissa Yovetich of GoFit Dining

Happy National Nutrition Month!

What does fueling your body mean to you? It’s a decision we make every day, multiple times per day...

Decisions, decisions, life is all about decisions. From what we wear, to the shows we watch and the food we consume we’re constantly making decisions. Each day we make an average of 35,000 decisions. With all of these decisions, how can we be sure that we’re making the right decisions, those that will improve our lives, strengthen our bodies and improve our wellbeing?

The great news is that with all of those decisions we can decide at any given moment to make a better one. It all starts with a small step, and each small step has the ability to not only nourish our bodies but ultimately improve our lives. Because, the food we consume or don’t consume, affects how we feel and the decisions we make.

Everything we put in our bodies contributes to our overall well-being or unwell -being. Opiates, alcohol, stimulants and, marijuana all cause alterations in the body, from the processing of energy in our metabolism, to the functioning of organs and our mental wellbeing. Substance use can create deficiencies and even strip the body of key nutrients that are vital for healing, muscle/organ function and, memory. We can combat this, and regain our energy and strength with the help of balanced nutrition.

Think about it, we’ve all heard the phrase “you are what you eat”, well, what foods are you eating or did you eat when you were using drugs/alcohol? How did they make you feel? When we’re fueling our bodies with the right nutrients, we not only feel and perform better, we want to be better. It’s a cyclical process. And, trust me, just like a car, the type of fuel we put in matters.  

So, how do we get started?

Start where you are, do what you can. Where you are is your perfect and unique starting place. It’s not about being perfect and checking off how many servings of each food group you ate each day, it’s about being better than you were yesterday and taking small steps towards progress. By keeping snacks and meals simple we’re still able to get in a good balance of nutrients, to include our macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein) and vitamins and minerals without breaking the piggy bank or going nuts! This is what creates a sustainable, balanced lifestyle.

Okay, so, let’s get into this nutrition business. We’re going to use an acronym R.I.S.E - because that’s what we all want to do in life. We all want to rise to a higher level! As we take steps to incorporate fresh and flavorful foods into our lifestyle we’ll be renewed, inspired, strengthened and equipped.

R - Renew - Renew your body by consuming fresh, whole foods throughout the day. Think color! Regular meals/snacks throughout the day help keep your energy levels balanced, improves mood and overall health.

→ Goal: Aim for 3 meals throughout the day with 1 fruit and/or veggie with each

I - Inspire - Be adventurous & try something new! Trying new foods provides our bodies with some variety, which is the spice of life, and a wider range of nutrients to help prevent deficiencies.

→ Goal: Try 1+ new food items and/or recipes this week

S - Strengthen - Don’t forget to have your protein! Protein is the building blocks of life and provides great energy, builds muscle and keeps us satisfied longer.

→ Goal: Enjoy protein with each meal/snack. Solid or liquid sources are great options.

E - Equip - Plan ahead. It’s simple and doesn’t require hours of meal prepping! Plus, it will save you time and money, while giving you more energy, and who doesn’t want more all of those things?! This helps reduce impulse grabs too...McRib anyone(?) #teamnoshame

→ Goal: Literally, just think ahead to your next meal and decide what you’re going to have. Picture your meal and include 1 source of carbs, 1 fat, and 1 protein. Boom, done!

*Reach Your Goals: Check out the Meal Matrix for ideas on how to reach your goals and consume quick and nourishing foods that’ll help you R.I.S.E throughout the day!

Image retrieved from Pinterest via  here .

Image retrieved from Pinterest via here.

**Please note, foods listed in the associated image are from an external source and are not the sole view or recommendation of Rise Above Lifestyle Wellness. We’re not recommending candy, donuts, potato chips or fries etc. as sources of “feel good” nutrients. The calories in these are primarily non-nutritious and do not nourish our bodies. However, we are not the food police and, moderation, not restriction, is also key to balanced living. Note on the section labeled “High Volume Low Macros”, these options are foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals and low in carbs/fat and/or protein. Choose these instead of candies!

Marissa Yovetich is a leader in the health and wellness industry and Twin Cities community at large. Holding a Masters in Exercise Science & Nutrition and certifications as a Diabetes Prevention Program and Group Lifestyle Balance instructor, with experience working with the 366th Medical Group Division of the United States Air Force, she has a strong understanding of the principles of wellness and a knack for providing a practical approach to balance living. Her passion to make balanced living a reality shines strongest in her work in the addiction/recovery community. Having loved ones who’ve dealt with addiction it’s a true work of love for her to help others regain their lives. Through her GoFit Dining LLC she provides wellness talks, information and resources to help individuals, families and communities reach their full potential. This passion has recently expanded as she launched the Rise Above - Lifestyle Wellness non-profit, the now parent company to GoFit Dining, that will work to further support wellness, supportive communities and create scholarships for sober housing.