Our End-of-Year Letter of Gratitude

It’s difficult to summarize a whole year of activity and gratitude, especially when we have so much to be thankful for in 2018. Some of the highlights:

We’ve worked incredibly hard to be where we are today and want to call out three groups of people that have gone above and beyond to help Recovree achieve its next milestone.



We can’t say it enough, we have a great team. We have people who have been on the ground floor of building other startups, people who have clinical experience, and most importantly, people who have lived experience with the disease of addiction. When we started Recovree, one of the things that we often hoped for is the ability to employ people in recovery. People in recovery are central to our business model, and play a critical role in sharing their experiences, knowledge, and understanding of substance use disorder. Thank you to team Recovree for your energy, brain power and time to make Recovree what it is today!


We have been so fortunate to have numerous people help connect us to incredible individuals and opportunities. And the people that are making these connections are some of the busiest people that we know! They take moments out of their day to send us emails, share links and make introductions. We have so much gratitude and appreciation for these individuals. Starting a company takes a village, and our village is filled with kind, generous and smart people that are willing to leverage their social capital to help Recovree.


Recovree is tackling a difficult problem that employers are facing. From safety to productivity to retention, substance use disorder can have a negative impact on the core elements of a company. We’ve heard firsthand that the current resources to address addiction in the workplace aren’t enough for employers. More services and tools need to be available to companies to support their teams and keep people employed. When people keep their jobs, their much more likely to maintain their recovery.

Recovree is providing services to companies that are led by amazing people who possess great empathy, understanding, and courage. In a short time, we’ve discovered that there are numerous businesses that genuinely care and are concerned about their employees. Hearing stories from our customers on the things that they do for their employees is inspiring and makes us want to be recognized by others for how we treat our employees. Thank you to the early adopters of Recovree’s services. It’s a joy to work with you, learn from you and serve your employees.

As 2018 comes to end, we hope that this message finds you in good health, surrounded by love from family and friends, and filled with gratitude.

All the best,

Luke and Melissa