My Brother and Co-founder

When I share that my brother Luke and I are co-founders and lead Recovree together, one of the first things people typically ask is something like, "How is it working with your brother?"

It wasn't a quick decision to start a technology company with Luke. As we were testing the idea for Recovree's first product, we frequently discussed the company, our roles, responsibilities and ownership. As the product and company took shape, we recognized that each of us had certain strengths that complemented the other. After two years of ideating, building and implementing, I've found the following to be true of our working relationship:

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  1. We're honest, trusting and respectful to each other. Those are three very big and important words for any business partnership to be successful. All three take time, intention and commitment.

  2. We recognize that we're not just business partners but also siblings. We still find time to be family. We're both dog people and when we walk our dogs, there is little work talk. We try to enjoy the moment and catch up on things outside of work.

  3. We share the same company goals and objectives. We may have different ideas of how we get from point A to point B, and these discussions of how we achieve these objectives often strengthen our plan because of our differing perspectives and experiences.

Don't get me wrong, there are difficult days. We argue and irritate each other on purpose like siblings do. What helps keep us grounded is remembering who we serve and why we're trying to create something new for people who have substance use disorder. Too many people are left without resources and community, and this disease is difficult to navigate alone.

During the height of Luke's addiction, he experienced several difficult situations that almost resulted in death. His struggles and triumphs left a profound impact on me, and helped me realize what's important. Luke's resilience, grit, compassion and humility make him a great co-founder. I am incredibly grateful that we can build Recovree together and experience the challenges, opportunities and successes as a team. I can’t imagine it any other way.