20 Activities for Alcohol-Free Weekend

April 5th - 7th is National Alcohol-Free Weekend. Adults are encouraged to avoid drinking alcohol for a 72-hour period to demonstrate that you don’t need alcohol to have fun. Whether you’re giving Alcohol-Free Weekend a try or you’re in recovery and looking to change up your routine, we’ve got you covered.

1. Go to a movie

Check out the latest blockbuster at your local theater. If going to a theater isn’t your thing, have a movie marathon in the comfort of your own home.

2. Get outside

Spring is here! Enjoy the season with your favorite outdoor activity. Go for walk, hike, bike ride or enjoy the park.

3. Take a class

Try something new or revisit an old hobby. Many local businesses and colleges offer classes for the public. It’s a fun way to learn and pick up a new skill.

4. Read a book

Restart that book you never got around to finishing or start a new book you have been wanting to read. Don’t have one? Pick up a book for free at your local library.

5. Finish an old project

While cleaning out your closet or finishing a painting project might not be the most exciting activity, it will feel so good to cross it off your to-do list!

6. Volunteer

Spending time giving back to others in your community is rewarding and fun. You can find volunteer opportunities in your community here.

7. Host a game night

Invite your friends or family over for an old-school game night. Who doesn’t love Monopoly, Scrabble or Yahtzee?!

8. Mini golf

Mini golf is another creative way to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. Plus, it’s affordable and entertaining for a wide variety of ages.

9. Take a nap

Who couldn’t use a little rest and relaxation? Take a long nap and catch up your zzz’s.

10. Bowling

Go retro and check out your local bowling alley. No shame in using bumpers.

11. Workout

Get your adrenaline pumping and your endorphins flowing. Challenge yourself with a physical activity outside of your comfort zone.

12. Find a free local event

Many communities host free events, concerts and fairs. These are great opportunities to try something new.

13. Take your dog for a long walk

Don’t have a dog? Explore a new neighborhood on foot or meet a friend for a walk.

14. Call a family member

In a world of text messages and email, phone calls are becoming a rarity. Pick up the phone and call a family member who you haven’t talked to for awhile. It’s guaranteed to make their day!

15. Visit a museum

Check out a local museum for an interesting (and educational) way to spend a couple of hours.

16. Have a picnic

A picnic is a simple way to spend quality time with your friends or family. If the weather isn’t cooperating, try making a new recipe at home.

17. Get together with friends

Meet up with your friends and hang out sans-alcohol. Visit a coffee shop, play a game, or enjoy the outdoors together.

18. Try a new restaurant

Try out a new restaurant or go to one of your favorite spots and order something adventurous.

19. Self-care day

Self-care is engaging in activity that improves your mental, physical and emotional health. Take some time for yourself, it can improve your mood and reduce anxiety.

20. Make a mocktail

Non-alcoholic doesn’t have to be boring! Check out this list of delicious mocktails recipes.

If thinking about going alcohol-free for the weekend seems difficult, or if you participate and find it hard to go without alcohol for the weekend, you can reach out to us for support.