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Peer Specialists, Technology, and the Evolution of SUD Treatment

We were honored to talk with Paula DeSanto, the founder and president of Minnesota Alternatives. Minnesota Alternatives “provides adult outpatient mental health and/or substance use treatment and consultation services that focus on engagement, skill development, personalized interventions, neuroscience and healing trauma.”

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How Omar Pinto Helps Individuals Find Their Pathway to Recovery

We are very excited to share our interview with Omar Pinto, an addiction recovery specialist, life empowerment coach and founder of the SHAIR Podcast, SHAIR Space, and the SHAIR Recovery Community. We loved learning about Omar’s drive to help individuals find their own, unique pathway to recovery, which is his overall mission for SHAIR.

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Q+A: Peer Recovery Specialist Training with Chris

Peer support is the fastest growing service for people in recovery, but for those how are new to the field, there are still questions surrounding the service. Who are peer specialists? What does training entail? How do they help those in recovery? We sat down with Chris Falck to learn more about peer specialists and the training they receive.

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