Recovree - A Game Changer

I sat in an outpatient treatment group nearly thirty years ago discussing the connections between emotions and recovery. The counselor handed out a form laid out in a grid with a list of feelings down the left side and the days of the week across the top. The idea was that we would do a “10th Step Inventory” every night, recording the list of emotions we had experienced that day, both positive and negative. It was our way of keeping track of feelings and connecting our emotions to our daily living. This was the first time I paid attention to feelings and how they connected to my life.

A few years later, I became a counselor and used similar assignments to help people make the same connections between their daily experiences and the feelings that trigger behaviors that might lead to a recurrence of substance use. This tracking was helpful but usually came a few days too late, when someone returned to group after a period of using. It has been difficult to track, report and connect people to the supports they need when their feelings and behaviors cause stress in early recovery.  

When I first saw the Recovree app and platform I knew it was a game changer.  This was the first system that could connect recovering people to a support system in real time.  The client facing app was exciting, gathering daily reflections and recording experiences that impact recovery.  The data is shared through a portal that peer specialists can access, keeping them current with the client’s recovery experience. Clients and staff can see early warning signs and develop early interventions that ultimately improve recovery outcomes. This will change the way people recover. This will change the way people recover. This will change the way people recover. This will change the way people recover.