In the United States, more than 21 million people are affected by substance use disorder. Recovree recognizes that these numbers represent people - mothers, fathers, children, neighbors and friends. We are committed to helping individuals with this disease find lasting recovery through peer relationships.

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Substance use disorder will contribute to over 125,000 death this year.

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1 in 3 households are directly impacted by substance use disorder.


Substance use disorder will cost our health care system and economy more than $400 billion this year. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to help people find and maintain recovery from substance use disorder through peer relationships. 



Recovree was founded by a brother and sister team in early 2017. Their personal journey with substance use disorder led them to work with others passionate about recovery to create new services and tools to support people struggling with this disease.

The limited resources, access challenges and far-reaching stigma restrict people’s abilities to seek out help for addiction. This creates significant problems not only for the individuals experiencing this disease but also for their families and employers.

We believe that one of the key tools to supporting those with substance use disorder is engaging people who are successfully managing their disease. Recovery coaches are people in long-term recovery with certified training to help others find a recovery pathway that works best for them. They provide guidance, empathy and support to people who are seeking recovery. We encourage you to learn more about recovery coaches and the benefits of their services.



We believe in the power of peer recovery coaches, professionals who are scientifically proven to help improve recovery outcomes. We offer recovery coaching services for employers and exclusive software for treatment programs that employ peer recovery coaches.

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for employers

Recovree provides services to support the health and wellness of employees including on-demand access to recovery coaches with lived-experience, comprehensive chemical health assessments and incident response planning such as actions to take following failed drug tests. Recovree is changing the way employees access support for substance use disorder.

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for treatment centers

Recovery coaches play an integral role in the recovery journey. Through our confidential and HIPAA-compliant software, treatment programs can track engagement between all recovery coaches and those they serve, create supporting documents for reimbursement and use current data to improve engagement and client outcomes.


for individuals

Recovree offers person-centered and strength-based coaching services designed to support your personal recovery goals. Leveraging the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, our model is inclusive of all recovery pathways. Our coaching tracks are used as guidelines for services and frequency, and we will always work with the individual to find the best approach.  

Recovree is effective and economical, particularly compared with an institutional bed or jail cell. It cuts recidivism and helps treatment providers and organizations better manage care and program administration, in part through data available in the software platform.
— Star Tribune


Recovree represents a team of people who have firsthand experience with substance use disorder and are committed to helping people find recovery and thrive. View current employment opportunities here.

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Melissa has extensive experience working with startups. In her most recent role, she was the managing director of MN Cup, the largest statewide startup competition in the country. She has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Minnesota State University, Mankato and an MBA from the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. Melissa is a certified peer recovery specialist.

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Luke is a U.S. Air Force veteran who studied at the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State University, Mankato. Luke finds energy and joy in helping people with their recovery journey because he personally understands the challenges of addiction. He is a certified peer recovery specialist and manages a sober house in St. Paul. He is also active in the local recovery community including Young Adults in Recovery.

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Jeff is a consultant and counselor in the addiction field. He has served in numerous roles in residential and outpatient treatment programs throughout his career including Executive Director of Health and Human Services for the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. He was trained as a counselor at Hazelden Foundation and received his Master’s Degree in Human Development from St. Mary’s University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Jenna is a business owner, community builder, and technical entrepreneur with a passion for community and equity-building. She helps entrepreneurs make their product ideas a reality—from starting with an idea and seeing the big picture, to aligning the technical strategy with the business strategy and positioning it for growth. Jenna is a proud co-founder of Hack The Gap, led the Twin Cities Geekettes, and currently serves on the Minnestar Board of Directors.

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After graduating from the College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota, Anne worked as a microbiologist at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Always interested in business, she decided to change her career trajectory and jumped into a startup. In her most recent role, she was the Executive Director of Sigma Beauty, an international e-commerce business.